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I have the best job in the world, other than being an Area Missionary of course. I get to work with great people who share the same passion for Christ and reaching youth. We can fellowship around the Word and be excited about sharing Quiet Time with each other. We are moved by the same things and love to have fun.

I get to minister to pastors and leaders who love young people and are willing to invest in their lives. They have teachable spirits, applying what they learn. They pour their lives into their youth group day after day, year after year. Their commitment is inspiring.

On top of that, I get to speak to thousands of teens at Word of Life evangelistic events and see scores of them come to Christ. Plus, the opportunity to minister at camps across America is another added bonus. How do you go through a week like we just had at Summer Camp and not be excited out of your socks? Many salvation and dedication decisions and BI students with broken hearts for campers-can it get any better?

All of us in youth ministry have stories to tell just like this. Maybe you did not preach to thousands but you invested in one, and God used you to make a difference. Your faithfulness motivates me and inspires your leaders. What you are doing really does matter for eternity.

I know there are problems and issues, irritants and inconsistencies, but that is true in any ministry. Years ago I claimed Proverbs 14:4 as one of my life verses so let me paraphrase it, “You cannot have the milk without the manure.” We live with both, but I do not know anywhere else I could see so many lives changed as in this ministry.

You may think I am just rambling, but at least today I feel that I have the best job in the world.

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