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I have a burden and passion for Student ministry around the world. I am privileged in my travels to connect with men and women who share that passion. Today was one of those days but it was especially rewarding because it was here in Alabama, my home state.

Student ministry in Alabama is alive and well and especially in the Birmingham area. I spent most of my day with Brent Finchum (our Word of Life Local Church Ministries Missionary) and youth pastors/leaders from around the city. I have such a burden for churches and student ministry in this city where I was born physically and spiritually.

Today I spoke for First Priority Alabama at their City Wide Youth Pastor luncheon. What a thrill to see over 75 men and women who are giving their lives to reach students. Plus other organizations like Student Life and Student Leadership University who are dedicated to serving the local churches in this area and across the nation.

I spoke on Four Marks of Authentic Christian Leadership and the response was incredible. This generation of students’ values authenticity and these pastors/leaders were sincerely engaged because they desire to live lives worthy of imitation. I love rubbing shoulders with people like this, they energize me.

Some of the churches represented were small and some in the mega church arena but every person is making a difference where God has placed them. They are the unsung heroes who work ridiculous hours, give all that they have, rejoice when one of their students “get it” and weep when one walks away.

Being here today was a gift and the really cool thing is that I get to do it all over again tomorrow and the day after and the day after and the day….


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