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Why do bad things happen to good people? For that matter, why do bad things happen to anyone? Even for us as believers, life if often a mystery. Every time I hear of the death of another child or teen I am compelled to ask…Why? If I ask this question after walking with the Lord for many years then it is understandable when students ask the hard questions of life. Questions like:

  • Why did my brother die?
  • Why did my father molest me?
  • Why did my parents get divorced?

These types of encounters with students have compelled Ric Garland and me to put together the book and DVD series Where Was God When…?

Next week, watch for the Where Was God When…? Blog Tour. In preparation for the July 1t release, we have been emailing, Twittering and Facebooking about this project, and now we are doing a Blog Tour. Every step along the way we’ve gotten great feedback about the book, its themes and content. I recently received this note from Pastor Bill Boulet of Heritage Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL.


Read chapter 1… wow, all I can say is thanks. 


Next week, in celebration of the Where Was God When…? release, several bloggers are going to address open letters to the characters from the book. Wait…you didn’t know this book had characters?! That’s right, eight true-life stories. The book/DVD series is structured in a question/answer format. The questions are taken right from true stories, and the answers come from a study of the Attributes of God.

As ministry leaders you face hard questions all the time, so we invited a group of key ministry leaders to answer one of those questions in their own way. If you’re interested in finding all of the Blog Tour posts, keep an eye on my twitter account. (@wolmike) I will tweet each post as it goes up. I plan to do a wrap-up and summary of the tour in one of my blogs when it is complete.

If you’re interested in participating as a blogger, comment on this post with the URL of your blog and an e-mail address and I will get the details to you. If you are not familiar with the project then check it out at or at the Word of Life webstore where you can download the first chapter for FREE.



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