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Last night on the plane to Dallas I ask myself this question, “Do I Really Need This Conference?” You see, today as you read this post, I am attending the D6 Conference in Frisco, Texas. (Frisco is a suburb of Dallas, which also could describe several other major cities in Texas.)

Perhaps you heard or read about D6 and wish you were here, but probably it is just one of the hundreds of conferences available to us in ministry that you never knew existed until you read this post.

I discovered D6 because one day last spring, as I checked my TweetDeck, I saw a tweet from Ed Stetzer (

I followed the link to the website and was intrigued by the promotional video, as well as the proposed content of the conference. It probably only took Ed a few seconds to send the tweet, but I am guessing there will be at least three other people at the conference because he did; perhaps even 300.

I have not attended any sessions, but I am excited about the conference for several reasons.

  1. I believe the content is relevant to the needs of the church today.
  2. I know and respect several of the speakers.
  3. The promotion for the conference was timely and poignant.
  4. The follow-up procedure after my registration was excellent.
  5. The tweets, e-mails and YouTube notifications peaked my interest.

So that got me to thinking, what do you look for in a conference and why do you choose one conference over another? I would appreciate you taking two minutes (less if you are really good) of your time to complete this survey: I will then compile the information and post the results.

Who knows, maybe you can help someone else with a future conference decision. Or perhaps you can influence some of us who put on conferences for church leaders. Tell me what you think.

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