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Would you be in favor of implementing classroom practices that led to:

  • 20% of students completing extra assignments for no credit
  • Chronic absenteeism reduced by a third
  • Overall grades up 50%

What if it meant bringing social media into the classroom?

If you are reading internet articles, blogs and surveys, then you are well aware of the debate over using social media in the classroom. Proponents on both sides are making their case. You will read everything from, “It is the future,” to “It will destroy the future.”

Many school systems and teachers are looking for ways to keep students away from their phones and off the internet in class. However, one seventh grade teacher in Portland, Oregon, has taken a different approach and, for the first time in the school’s history, it has met its “adequate yearly progress goal” for absenteeism. You can read the entire article on Mashable | The Case for Social Media in Schools

I could have just as well cited other sources that are diametrically opposed to this practice. I am not lobbying for either side, but I do believe it is a subject we need to address, as I do not see it going away.

Is it possible that you are fighting the wrong battle?

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