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I am speaking at the Word of Life Snow Camp several times this season and one of my topics is Textual Purity. No I am not talking about the exegeting of the scriptures; I am going to be addressing the use of media in our lives. I am not asking the students to abstain from using social media or smartphones; I am just asking them to practice safe-text.

We live in a Technology Saturated Society:

  • Internet data flow1
  • Eight years ago there were only around 5 exabytes of data online.
  • Two years ago, that amount passed over the internet in one month.
  • Recent estimates say monthly internet data flow will be 21 exabytes.
  • Cell phone use – ages 12-172
  • 75% own a phone (up 45% from 2004)
  • 72% text (some sources say 88%)
  • 11% send 200+ texts per day
  • 54% text daily
  • 23% of teens use social networks on phone
  • Over 1/3 of 10 to 11 year olds in the USA own mobile phones.3
  • Nearly 16 million children ages 2 to 11 are online.4
  • Youtube5
  • 2 billion views a day
  • 24 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • More video is uploaded in 60 days than all 3 major US networks created in 60 year
  • Facebook over 500 million users6
  • Twitter – over 50 million tweets per day7
  •  294 billion emails per day, 2.8 million per second, 90 trillion per year8
  • 2.5 billion texts per day in USA alone9
  • 3,339 average texts per month by teens10

Four responses of believers living in a technology saturated society:

1.       Avoid it – declaring it a useless trend.  If you are in this group then you probably don’t have electricity either.

2.      Condemn it – viewing it as evil.  If you are in this group, then you also need to burn your books and sell your cars.

3.      Obsess over it – defining your life by it.  If you are in this group, you need to join a self-help group or just get a grip.

4.      Harness it – using it for good.  If you are in this group then you can be part of the solution!

In a future post, I will be addressing my advice to students concerning taking charge of their digital world. I would enjoy hearing your suggestions also.

Follow these links to download a copy of the notes or audio of this seminar

Textual Purity Notes / Textual Purity Audio


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