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I’m so bummed out of my mind right now, it’s not even funny. – I just had a college meltdown.”  These were words my wife saw on her Facebook page just yesterday. Diagnosis: Senioritis.

Is Senioritis a disease, a condition or just a temporary frame of mind? I ask because every year around this time, a phenomenon of pandemic proportions known as Senioritis spreads across the country. It affects those students approaching one of life’s biggest transitions with a wide range of symptoms from fear to periodic lapses of common sense. They have also been known to display confused priorities, huge emotional swings and sometimes even the compulsion for ill-timed practical jokes.

High School Graduation is coming. Are you ready? Are they?

Graduation season is an important time in the lives of your students, but it can also be a difficult season for you as a youth leader. It is vital for you to help students finish well and make smooth transitions. In order to help, I have asked several of our staff to focus their blogs on the subjects of graduation and life transitions. Next week is Graduation Week on You can look for posts on that subject at any of the following links:

Also, I will be joining the conversation with a couple posts of my own that I trust will be helpful as well. Senioritis is not a disease so you do not need a cure, but you may need a few extra ministry tools. We want to help you help your students navigate these new uncharted waters.

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