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God used Isaiah to speak the truth when others refused to do so, to reach a nation for the true God and make a difference for eternity, and it began with the surrender of his life. We often hear sermons on Isaiah 6 and are well acquainted with Isaiah’s confession in verse 8 of Here am I Lord, send me, but do we realize the significance?

This was not a destination—this was a point of departure—the fork in the road where Isaiah made the decision that changed the course of his life. Sure, he came to other forks in the road, faced other life-changing decisions, but this was one of the “big ones” that defined his life’s service.

Each year in June we conduct a Missionary in Training School for Local Church Ministries and International Ministries divisions of WOL. We interview, instruct and ultimately decide if new aspiring candidates should become members of our Word of Life team. It is always an exciting time, but it is very sobering as well.

Each of us in leadership is well aware that we are involved in making decisions about people’s lives. We are giving guidance to people who love the Lord and are truly seeking His will. This is one of the most critical forks in the road these candidates will ever confront.

This was another incredible year with God bringing several couples and singles to our worldwide team. I want to introduce them to you and let you know where they will be serving. We have new missionaries going to reach the youth of America as well as many nations of the world!

  • Ray and Sarah Strimpel  (NE Ohio)
  • Justin Elam and Rachel Kibler (Northern Indiana)
  • Don Shuffler (Binghamton, NY)
  • Keith Stepheny  (Delaware)
  • Chris Zavala and Katie Lanier (United States – TBD)
  • Brenda Williams (Papua New Guinea)
  • Seth and Nadjia Kitchen (Spain)
  • Fabio and Debra Oliveira (Brazil)
  • Kyong-Wook Seo (Korea)
  • Derek and Hitomi Underhile (Japan)
  • Junko Matsuda  (Japan)
  • Kendall Dean (Thailand)
  • Reinhard and Erika Kurz (Germany)
  • Amanda Kilcollins (Uganda)

I have given you the name and ministry location for each person in the hope that you will pray as they launch out to serve the Lord. I have also included their e-mail addresses in case you would like to financially support or communicate with them.

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