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I recently tweeted about a study CNN is doing on Millennials that I found interesting because it is being conducted by millennials. It seems that the classification has become  kin to “profiling.” Anyway, they are a force to be reckoned with and understood if we are to effectively minister to them and with them.

I want to offer five observations (not dogmas) to consider as we view the world of the millennial generation.              

  1. They really want to make a difference but often are doing so with a broken moral compass For some, social activism is an appeasement of conscience. They see that the world needs to change and they do not want to be told to wait…They want to do it now even if it is outside the boundary markers.
  2. They are comfortable with contradiction. They sneer at materialism while possessing more disposable income than any other generation in history. They are mosaic as far as religion and spirituality, and are peacemakers even if it requires compromise.
  3. To many of them, the Church is fictional or irrelevant. They can’t find it, so it must not exist.  They see it as negative, argumentative and inwardly focused when they are looking at a lost world.
  4. They are often unwilling to detach from the umbilical cord. More and more are moving back in with their parents because they don’t really have a plan  beyond college.  — Parents are actually going to job interviews with their grown children. These are often referred to as “helicopter parents” for obvious reasons. On a good note, this generation loves family and is highly influenced by parents.
  5. They demand authenticity, which is interesting in light of #2 above. They trust people not institutions. They are attracted to and will follow transparent leaders!  If you are less than totally genuine, they will know it.

Lest you think I am “millennial bashing” let me share three things we can take away from this and learn from this generation.

  1. We must be people of action; we have been dormant for too long.
  2. We must look outwardly from the church not just inwardly.
  3. We must be authentic people of character.

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