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I am taking a reprieve from the topic I had planned to cover in my blog today to ask you to join me in prayer for a special family. Nathan and Beth Shoultz have served with Word of Life for 8 years and are an incredible blessing to this ministry.

On Monday, December 12, 2011, Nathan suffered a stroke at the age of 31. We do not know all the damage caused by the stroke or the prognosis for recovery at this point. I am asking that you pass the word along to your friends, churches and organizations asking them to pray. Nathan and Beth have four small children under the age of 7 with the youngest being only a few weeks old.

I have watched Nathan’s life since he was a young preacher boy in his youth group in Indiana. A gifted preacher and musician, he has ministered within Word of Life in our camps, local church ministries and conferences.

He helped redesign our website and create the online version of our Quiet Time Diary. Recently he was appointed assistant director of both Word of Life Snow Camp and Island.

I do not know what God wants for this young man so I am asking you to pray that God restores him to health, to his family and to future ministry.

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