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(An Update on Nathan Shoultz)

Mindy (Nathan’s “little” sister) was beaming as she came out of the Intensive Care Unit sharing this incredible story. She told me that Nathan’s blood pressure had been high and the nurses were concerned. They needed to give him some additional medication but really wanted to wait hoping there would be a change.

“That’s when it hit me, Nathan always does his Quiet Time each day so I decided to read it to him and pray.” She went on to say, “As I read the Quiet Time to him, his blood pressure began to come down on the monitor. When the nurse returned, she said ‘whatever you are doing keep doing it…it is definitely helping.’”

So did the Word of God have anything to do with his blood pressure?

Was his sister’s voice simply calming?

Did her prayer really work?

Did the blood pressure stabilize on its own?

I will leave that for others to debate, as for me I know how the Word of God has been the calming agent in my life many times, so:

I immediately thought of two things, the first was Psalm 119:107, I am severely afflicted; give me life, O Lord, according to your word! Nathan is truly severely afflicted right now and needs the life that only comes for God.

I also thought of how Nathan has been one of the major contributors to the creation of the Word of Life Online Quiet Time Diary. He has worked tirelessly on this project and I believe it will prove to be one of the most effective devotional tools ever created. 

So, even though he cannot personally have his Quiet Time, it not only is being read to him, it is being used around the world by people every day. You can see this devotional tool at

From this point forward if you want to get updates on Nathan, here is a link that will be kept current on his progress

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