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(Guest post by Betsi Calhoun*)

This phrase was coined by a young man after climbing all 29,035 feet of Mt. Everest and reaching its summit…at age 13.  I recently watched as he sat with his dad and stepmom and relayed the story in an interview with Ann Curry on NBC news.  On Christmas Day 2011, then 15 year old Jordan Romero reached the peak of Mt. Vincent Massif in Antarctica, making him the youngest person ever to climb all seven of the highest peaks in the world. 

When asked if this was just a hobby or recreational adventure, he answered “No, we take this seriously.  It’s not just sport. It’s a lifestyle for us.”  He explained how their family lived in Big Bear, California, and climbing mountains is what they’ve always done together. 

Jordan will settle for a while before he picks his next big challenges in life.  But he wants everyone who learns about his accomplishments to realize that they too can set a high goal of their own and reach it. Thus his new catch phrase: “Find your own Everest!”  Perhaps this phrase in Biblical terms might parallel the words of Caleb in Joshua 14:12 when he stated in no uncertain terms “I want that mountain!” and then had faith to believe that wherever he stepped, God had already given him that territory. 

As we work with young people, we must realize that we are motivating and activating young minds, bodies and spirits who can accomplish anything God puts on their hearts to do!  Our goal is to help them “Find their own Everests,” while equipping them with the tools and guidance for reaching the peaks of their potential for Christ!

Jordan could not have accomplished his phenomenal goal without the tireless help, support and presence of his parents as well as the guides and paramedics who accompanied him on each climbing trip. What are you doing right now to produce a risk-taker for Christ in your youth group?  Who is your “Jordan”?   

*Guest blogger: Betsi Calhoun is married to Mike and is the mother of three children, a teacher, discipler, writer and encourager. She edits all of Mike’s blog posts and he thought it was time you heard from her.

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