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If you are like me you try to read as many articles, blogs and books as possible but just cannot catch all of them.  “In Case You Missed It” is my way of pointing out a few “reads” that I think are too good to miss.

The Millenials Check In – Janet Morrissey

The hotel industry, struggling to recover from the depths of the recession, has begun to contemplate a group of travelers it sees as crucial to its economic growth — those in their 20s to mid-30s who are obsessed with technology, social media and design.

Many hotel owners and operators are remodeling existing hotels or introducing new ones that offer free hotelwide Wi-Fi connections; large, welcoming lobbies with plush, comfortable furnishings; state-of-the-art fitness areas; in-room power consoles to plug in iPads, laptops and other devices; and stylish bars that spill into the lobby.

Some are also scheduling nightly social events, like happy hours and free wine tastings, aimed at luring the iPhone-toting generation to their hotels.

Read entire article here.

iCar: New Study Finds that Gen Y Consumers want Hybrids with Tablets and Smartphone-Like Functions

Echo boomers, Generation Y, Generation Next: whatever you call them, people who were born in the beginning of the 1980’s are now an important demographic group for any company. And their preferences may change the type of cars we will drive in the future.

According to the annual survey conducted by the Deloitte consulting company, Generation Y consumers, who the company describes as those aged from 19 to 31, want their new cars to be hybrids laden with high-tech features.

“This could be the generation that leads us away from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles”, comments Deloitte automotive consultant Craig Giffi who oversaw the study.

Read entire article here.

Report: Nearly half of millennial women feel they’re underpaid – Kristen Piombino

See you later, Betty Draper. Today’s young, working women have high expectations for themselves and their careers.

According to an infographic from Accenture, Gen Y women have the most positive outlook at work compared with other generations. Sixty-six percent of millennials see a female role model at their company, and 65 percent believe women are equal in the workplace.

But despite this positive outlook, female millennials are less likely than their male counterparts to speak up on behalf of their careers.

  • Less than half (45 percent) of women have asked for a raise, compared with 61 percent of men.
  • One in four women do not actively discuss their career growth with supervisors.
  • Forty-one percent of women feel they are underpaid.

Want more stats on Gen Y women and work? Check out the rest of the graphic:

Read entire article here.

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