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May 11, 1975 marks a strategic decision in my spiritual life. I have chosen to repeat a blog I wrote last year concerning the impact of that decision. If you read it then, take a moment and read it again, if not…enjoy!

I hate quitters! I know this is strong language and sounds insensitive. I do not subscribe to what some call the “Trophy Kid” culture where everyone gets a trophy for just “showing up.” No, I think there is something to be said for “sticking it out” even when things are hard.

That is why it is difficult for me to talk about The Day I Gave Up! I have always taken pride in hard work and perseverance. I honestly would rather go home wounded and bleeding than to walk away from the battle. But on May 11, 1975, I Gave Up!

That was the day I finally decided that I it was time to get serious about my walk with Christ. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Lord long before that day but that day marked a new level of commitment for me. It was the day I decided to stop playing games with my personal spiritual walk and to make it intentional.

So I gave up . . .

  • My excuses for not reading books, having personal consistent devotions (Quiet Time) or memorizing Scripture.
  • My selfish habits which kept me from giving my best time to God instead of my left over time.
  • My stubborn will that hindered my willingness to learn from those who practiced godliness because I convinced myself it was just legalism.
  • My unwillingness to tackle one Christian discipline at a time because my pride told me I had to do everything or nothing.
  • My self-righteousness that had me comparing myself to others rather than the Word of God.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not have personal discipline mastered. I still struggle!

That is why I celebrate May 11, 1975, every year — not to build a memorial but an altar. This is the place I come and once again remind myself that it is my relationship with Christ that really matters. This is what is important. . . .  So once again I give up!

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