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If you are like me you try to read as many articles, blogs and books as possible but just cannot catch all of them.  “In Case You Missed It” is my way of pointing out a few “reads” that I think are too good to miss.

Four Foundational Summer Priorities – Jonathan McKee

Summer is rapidly approaching. Typically, for youth ministries, this means summer camps, water balloon wars, swimming pool events…oh yeah…and a summer Bible study.

Am I missing something?

It’s never easy to plan summer ministry. Family vacations and sports camps take teenagers away for weeks at a time. This doesn’t keep me from planning weekly venues where I have contact with kids, but it does prompt me to think about where my time is best spent. After all, everything I do in ministry falls under one of two categories: Outreach or Discipleship. I’m either reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus, or I’m helping believers get to know him better.

The question is…how can I use summer vacation to achieve these goals in my ministry to teenagers?

Summer is prime time to accomplish four foundational ministry practices:

Read entire articler here.


10 Ways to Encourage Your Senior Pastor – Ben Reed

“Encouragement isn’t that difficult, but it takes being intentional,” says Ben Reed.

Truth: “Hey preacher man, good sermon!” is nice…but come on; we can do better than that, right?

We can do better than the shoulder squeeze with the solemn look in the eye. Better than the slow head nod of approval. Especially when we remember that our pastor spends hours each week pouring out their heart on stage, ministering to, and in our communities, and shepherding hardheads like us.

The work of a pastor is often lonely, difficult work…we need your encouragement.

Encouragement isn’t that difficult, but it takes being intentional.

Read entire article here.


Word of Life Florida Camp – Mike Calhoun (Youth Camp Speaker – June 16-23)

Word of Life Florida Youth Camp is designed to be a highly focused program that is exciting and life-changing! Word of Life strives to teach each camper to KNOW Christ as their personal Savior by challenging them to accept God’s free gift; to GROW in their knowledge of God’s Word; and to SHOW their faith to others by challenging them to be God’s representative. Word of Life Florida Youth Camp has a unique way of influencing campers to make life long decisions. Our goal at Word of Life is to make a lasting imprint on the hearts of everyone who attends – junior camper, teen camper or youth leader. Join us for the most incredible summer of your life!

Week 1 – Mike Calhoun from Word of Life Florida on Vimeo.

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