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This is a guest blog by one of our “missionary kids” that has some great insights in the midst of crisis. I appreciate Shaela’s transparency as well as her sweet relationship with Jesus and her family. Her parents, Gary and Sandy Parker, have been good friends of mine for over 20 years and have served the Lord faithfully in Brazil.

Two years ago last night – It was a Friday. I came back to the Elet Szava campus after a fun backyard fellowship with a bonfire, games, and treats at my friend Megan’s house – my mind was a million miles away. I opened my computer to an e-mail from my Dad, reading over it quickly. Reality woke me up and all my memories of the previous Sunday came crashing down on me like waterfall. My mom – my brother’s and sister’s frightened voices as they explained that she was at the hospital – the two random grand mal seizures that were responsible for putting her there. I grabbed my computer and ran to the student lounge, that was the best spot to get wireless and everyone was still at Megan’s fellowship so no one would be in there. I quickly logged into skype and video called my parents – my dad answered on the other end. I knew they had been in and out of Doctors visits all week trying to figure out what was happening – but I wasn’t afraid, after all the first doctor they saw told us the CAT scans of her brain were clear, so the worst possibilities had already been eliminated. At least that’s what I told myself. I was wrong. more…

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