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A Review of Ken Davis’ Book

I was immediately pulled into the storyline of the first chapter of the book. Ken compellingly shared how his four-year-old granddaughter was lost and rescued in the rugged mountains of Colorado. The practical application he draws from this real life illustration is just one of many in the book Fully Alive: Lighten Up and Live – A Journey that Will Change Your Life (Thomas Nelson). Each chapter is told with typical Ken Davis flair and humor but also presents a powerful truth to consider if we are to really “Lighten Up and Live.”

Ken’s inspiration for the book comes from a quote by St Irenaeus who said, “God’s glory is the earth creature made fully and eternally alive” which he says he simply shorted to “Fully Alive.” He also tells his story of realizing that he was turning into something he did not like. He feared he had let himself go physically to the point of not being around to see his grandchildren grow up. The combination of information was just enough motivation for him to change and thus we have this book.

With chapter titles like the following, you can see this is not your ordinary “how to” book:

  • A Wild Ride in a Shallow Bathtub
  • The Power Curve
  • The “Wow” Perspective
  • No Excuses
  • One is a Lonely Number
  • Finding Your Sweet Spot
  • Lighten Up

These are just a few of the eighteen chapter titles, each crafted to make a point about one specific topic to consider in getting the most out of life.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Shouldn’t we feel some of the excitement that comes from jumping off a fifty-foot cliff into the water when we jump out of bed to live as God intended?” Page 11.

This is an easy read and is probably designed more for those who are growing older quicker than they care to admit. However the applications would be profitable for any age group.  

By the way, we’re looking forward to having Ken at Word of Life next year to share his story! 

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