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Let’s face it: if Jesus Christ is not really who He said He is, then He is not reliable. If He is not reliable, then Christianity is at best on shaky ground and at worst a farce. Those are strong words but Jesus is the foundation for the Christian faith…”Christ-ian” get it.

Students know this is vital so Ric Garland hit the subject head on in one of our “I Can Trust” apologetic series Snow Camp sessions. “I Can Trust the Person of Christ” is a critical piece of this four part series being shared every Saturday night at Word of Life Snow Camp.

Ric is the Vice President of Word of Life Local Church Ministries speaking to thousands of students and leaders every year. He goes right to the heart of the matter with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  As he states, “If Jesus did not rise from the dead then He is not God.” He shares from his research some key information. Here are a few of the thoughts he communicated with our campers.

  • Why is the resurrection a big deal? It is what separates Jesus from all other religious leaders.
  • No other world philosophy or religion has ever proclaimed a risen Savior. They all have great shrines or tombs that they have memorialized.
  • Christianity is not built primarily upon what Jesus taught but on Who He is.
  • There are more than 100 predictions about the life of Jesus in the OT – most written over 700 years before He was born.
  • The probability of all 100 coming true is 1 in with 30 zeros after it.
  • The Milky Way has 200 billon stars.  If each had 4 billon people on it – the number would be 1 with 20 zeros.

You can watch Ric live stream on February 16 or download the video at the website.

  1. I Can Trust the Bible – Mike Calhoun (see website)
  2. I Can Trust Absolute Truth – Mike Calhoun (see website)
  3. I Can Trust Jesus Christ – Ric Garland (Live Date: February 16)
  4. I Can Trust Creation – Jeff Cutting (Live Date: February 23)

You can watch the sessions live each Saturday night at 6:45pm EST by going to the Word of Life Snow Camp website and clicking on the Live button. You can also find the recorded sessions, notes and PowerPoints at 2013 Snow Camp Media or on my website (under Resources/Downloads) in the “I Can Trust Series” folder.

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