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“Meaningless, meaningless, all life is meaningless,’’ so King Solomon opens the book of Ecclesiastes. From the very first words he drives home his premise that life without God is purposeless. What follows is a detailed account of a man on a frenzied mission to experiment with every imaginable form of stimuli.

It is estimated that Solomon’s wealth was approximately $1000 billion in today’s economy. When you compare this to one of America’s richest men, Bill Gates, with a net worth of $67 billion, it staggers the imagination. To illustrate that he used his wealth to satisfy every unrestrained personal craving, he says in Ecclesiastes 2:10-11, “and whatsoever my eyes desired…”

We all know that Solomon was on a spiritual journey that began with a faulty premise but ended with declaration of faith. As we turn the pages in our Bible to chapter 12 we are confronted with a Solomon who has discovered his purpose for life. We see a man who is now living for more than himself and challenges his readers to do the same.

This book is extremely relevant to the millennial generation addressing the pluralistic mindset confronting them every day. Plus, Solomon seemed to be prophetically attuned to the postmodern paradigm as he penned this book. It is a thinking person’s book and mirrors the spiritual journey of many of today’s youth.

As I teach the book of Ecclesiastes at our Word of Life Bible Institutes I challenge the students to Live for More. I like to remind them that Solomon is writing this at the end of his life looking back: he is giving his personal testimony. He is walking us through his journey so we do not have to repeat his mistakes.

So how can we Live for More? — Solomon tells us in chapter 12:

  • Remember God while you are young (v.1)
  • Fear God (v.13)
  • Keep His commandments (v.13)

By the way, our theme at the Word of Life Bible Institute is Live for More. We believe that when students have a practical working knowledge of the Bible, they can make a difference in this world. Check out our website.

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