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This is a guest post written by Mark Finger. I heard Mark read this piece when I was speaking in the church he attends in Melbourne, Australia. I was blessed and challenged and asked if I could use it for my blog. I appreciate Mark allowing me to post a condensed version.

 There is also another bucket list called the “make right” list. This list is made up of the things we need to restore or make good before we die. This is not a maintenance list but a list of our mistakes, failures, disappointments and sin. It consists of things like angry words spoken, broken or damaged relationships, people cheated or taken advantage of, loved ones taken for granted or abused, lies or half-truths told, actions not taken, family members not affirmed, or self-centeredness. The list goes on and on building a case of unworthiness between us and God.

When Jesus said “it is finished,” He was talking about the items on this list. He has taken the list no matter how dark, repulsive and long and through his death and resurrection, destroyed its power to condemn us. He has replaced it with the forgiveness and love of our Heavenly Father. As Christians we understand this to varying degrees and may struggle with the concept even while rejoicing in being rid of the “make right” list.

Perhaps you wonder about the other list, the “bucket list” containing our dreams. The one we are working our way through, ticking off, editing or begrudgingly giving up on because we just got too old or tired. When Jesus said “it is finished” He was talking about this list as well because He wants us to give Him our today and tomorrow.

You see in a sense the crucifixion was not a one off event. It is played out daily in our lives as we die to sin and self and are made alive in Christ. But when we hand over the dreams and desires of our heart, we come to really understand what it means to be complete in Christ. When our lives come under the forgiveness and direction of our Heavenly Father and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can say minute-by-minute, day-by-day, “it is finished.”

We are released from the demands and urgency of our own and other’s expectations as well as the bondage of time because God is not bound by time. We are released from the power of our failure to make right our relationship with God by the saving grace of the one who came to give us fullness of life. When the Son said “it is finished,” He had completed all that was required to provide the way to restore our broken relationship with God.

He took us from a life without hope to a place where we are free to live the complete life He always intended.

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