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I have an unwritten rule about the length of my blog. I established this several years ago when I began blogging after months of research. I decided the right amount of words were somewhere around 400 and should not exceed 500. I have not always adhered to this rule but if you are bored you can go back and count.

Perhaps you are saying, “So what is the big deal?” Well the big deal is that for the past eight weeks I have not blogged because I have been extremely busy. I knew I could not contribute the 400-500 words so I did nothing. In reality I could have chucked my silly “unwritten rule” and communicated shorter posts.

Many of you have the same problem. Maybe it is not about blogging but it manifests itself in other areas. For example, some of you struggle with:

  • Exercising for 15 minute intervals because you have an “unwritten rule” about needing an hour.
  • Taking a hike because you have an “unwritten rule” about needing all the gear when your sneakers would work just fine.
  • Spending 30 minutes encouraging a new convert in your church in their walk with the Lord because you have an “unwritten rule” that says you have to have a curriculum.
  • Having a 10 minute Quiet Time with the Lord because you have an “unwritten rule” that says it has to be longer. (BTW…begin with 10 minutes and watch it grow.)

You get the idea, right? We all use the bigger is better excuse. Well, I am reevaluating my blog and other areas of my life. I challenge you to do the same.

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