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There are some times when you should stay in your own lane. Drifting…leaning…or intentional lane-changing are just not acceptable. Let me give just a few illustrations:

  • Stay in your lane in the 100 Meter Track and Field Sprint.
  • Stay in your lane in the 200 Medley Relay Swimming Competition.
  • Stay in your lane when you are driving slower than me and I want to pass you on the interstate. (I had to throw this one in just in case we encounter each other somewhere on the road.)
  • Stay in your lane in leadership once you discover what God created you to be and do.

Seriously, one of the most divisive and deceptive issues I have observed over my forty plus years of leadership is when a leader wants to “change leadership lanes.” I am not talking about developing new skills, getting out of their comfort zone or being stretched; I am talking about trying to be something God never intended…I call it changing lanes.

I have seen leaders fail who could have succeeded because they were not content to be the best “_____” God intended. Someone else’s gift looked more intriguing to them so, like a child at a birthday party, they tried to grab it and declare it to be their own. The problem is that, just as with the child at the party, just saying it does not make it true.

The Bible talks about this very subject in Ephesians 4 when it explains how every believer has been given gifts to use for “the work of the ministry” (v. 12). When the body of Christ works together, it is amazing to see the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. However, when we try to “change leadership lanes,” attempting to be something God never intended, the entire body suffers.

Are you being inefficient or ineffective because you are attempting to “change leadership lanes?” You will never be more fulfilled or of value to the team God has placed you on than you will when you are running in the lane He intended.

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