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“Anxiety is the natural result of doubting the character of God.” It was statements like this that caused me to form a love-hate relationship with the “Trilogy” written by my friend Pastor Phil Moser. If you are like me, I needed to hear this truth but did not want to. However, I found that all three of the books I am recommending as excellent resources to any Christian worker are insightful, biblically-based and unapologetic in confronting real issues.

These books are designed for any believer to read, digest and put into practice. They are also a great tool to be used in counseling or discipleship. Each book is broken into two basic sections:

  • “Section One” gives an overview of the particular topic to help gain understanding and a biblical basis.
  • “Section Two” gives practical suggestions for prayer, Bible study and scripture memory.
  • A downloadable “Accountability Plan Study Guide” is available at

The three books that are available are listed below, and Phil is planning to release another one in December of 2013. I encourage you to check out these as a possible resource for your ministry.

  • Safe in the Storm: biblical strategies for overcoming anxiety
  • Just Like Jesus: biblical strategies for growing well
  • Dead End Desires: biblical strategies for overcoming self-pity

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