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Every day the twenty-four hour news channels broadcast world events into our homes, vehicles and earphones. The internet is an informational geyser serving as a never ending resource of someone else’s opinions on any given topic. We do not lack today for information: but what about accurate information?

Did you ever watch a news broadcast or surf the net and wonder, “What is really going on in this situation?” Over the past few months there have been several world events that have perplexed me. I have longed to know the “truth” behind the story in the Ukraine.

Word of Life Ukraine has been making a difference for over twenty-two years in the lives of youth. Our staff have the heart of the Ukrainian people as well as a burden to reach the country with the Gospel. Therefore I believe they have a balanced perspective to share.

I was encouraged when I viewed the embedded video prepared by our young Ukrainian team. I gained a better perspective on the “world events” taking place there, but I also gained a greater vision for the youth of the country.

I trust the video will do the same for you. BTW…If God leads you to support this team that is even better…but take 4 minutes and watch the video. You will be blessed.

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