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I always thought people who had been in ministry for forty years were old, until my wife Betsi and I joined their ranks. Now I have changed my mind. I am formulating a new perspective about us, one that not only appreciates the past but looks to the future.

Forty years does not sound nearly as long when you say things like:

  • 350,400 hours
  • 14,600 days
  • 2,080 weeks

See everything really is a matter of perspective!

The reality is I have the same passion, heartbeat and vision for the ministry that I have always had from day one. Matter of fact, I think I just got my “second wind” (a runner’s term) but what does that really mean?

What that means is that as I move forward in ministry whether it be for forty days or forty years:

  • I have to work smarter so I can accomplish more in less time and with less energy.
  • I have to be more intentional in discipleship: I really want to reproduce everything I am, know, believe and do.
  • I have to be diligent in my mentorship with those who want to learn leadership from me.
  • I have to choose my battles, projects, initiatives and dreams with godly insight and wisdom.
  • I have to more quickly surrender my preferences and cling firmly to my principles.
  • I have to be committed to personal time with God every day, regardless of the pressing schedule demands, lest I have nothing to give to those whom I serve.

These are just a few of the things I have been thinking as I approach my next forty years of ministry. But I do so with the prayer of the Apostle John on my heart, “Even so come Lord Jesus!” Revelation 22:20

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