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Okay, let’s just say it … sometimes Junior High students can be a bit of a teaching challenge. But seriously: consider their DNA:

  • Transitioning hormones
  • Living in a constant state of “partial attention”
  • Being wired for fun and activity
  • Fighting against a childishly short attention span

As if that was not enough, our society has actually told them that they cannot understand difficult concepts and that we have to water down the content.

We (the Church) don’t like to admit it but perhaps we have bought into that lie in our youth ministries. Therefore we dilute the way we teach them the Scriptures.

Junior High students do get it! They are interested in and attentive to the Bible if we will simply practice a few appropriate insights.

  • If you treat them like children, they will act like children. So treat them appropriately. (Yes: keep age appropriateness in mind.)
  • Never water down the Message. Just be creative with appropriate Methods.
  • Be time sensitive to their attention spans and keep the lesson to an appropriate length for the content being covered.
  • Realize their propensity for losing attention: use media at appropriate times.
  • Meet their need for activity with appropriate group involvement.

 So how have you met the challenge of ministering to Junior Highers in your ministry?

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