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For the last twenty years or more we have scrutinized the Millennials. Their positive and negative characteristics have been paraded across the airwaves and written page not to mention the plethora of blogs. Now they can either feel neglected or relieved as some of that attention is turned toward the “Plurals.”

If the term “Plurals” is new to you, it refers to the next generation of students. There have been many names suggested for them but it appears that “Plurals” as decided by Magid Generational Strategies and confirmed at the Next Generation Conference may be the one that sticks.

Facts You Should Know:

  1. Plurals were born between 1997-present. (There is disagreement on the exact dates.)
  2. Plurals will be the last generation to see a Caucasian majority in America.
  3. Plurals are more diversified in every area and comfortable with it.
  4. Plurals are a shift from the “Me Generation” to the “We Generation.”
  5. Plurals are “digital natives” because they have never been without technology.
  6. Plurals as a generation are the least likely to believe in the “American Dream.”
  7. Plurals are affected by blurred gender roles.

Are you seeing your student ministry being affected by any of the above characteristics?


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