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Why is it that every time I order food I hear something like:

“Would you like that Super-Sized?”

“Will that be small, medium or Large?” 

“Lunch or dinner portion?” 

“Do you want to add a side for just …?”

or my favorite “Tall, Grande or Vente?”

Sometimes the most difficult decision in ordering food is choosing the size you want to consume. I am sure the marketers are just playing to the “I want to have choices” culture. People in general and this Millennial Generation specifically wants to be the masters of their own consumption.

Interestingly enough, the consumer is sold the same product or hamburger, whatever the case may be, regardless of the size of the meal. The only real decision we are making is how much money we will pay. Did you ever stop to ask “Why don’t they just give me the Super-Size for the cheaper price? Huh”

Perhaps some of us have bought into this approach when it comes to youth ministry. We think in terms of size rather than quality and content of ministry. Some of the reasons for such an approach may be:

  • The size of the church
  • The size of the budget
  • The size of the youth facility
  • The size of our vision
  • The size of our philosophy

But should any of these really affect our ministry model? After all shouldn’t our strategy be crafted in such a way that it would transcend any size church, budget or facility? Should our vision or philosophy be any different for 10 students than 1000?

If our ministry model is based on principle, it will not be held hostage by size. The same goals of Enlisting, Equipping and Engaging students will overshadow the lack of funds or facilities. Our mandate from scripture found in 2 Timothy 2:2 is a strategy that can be applied to any size youth ministry.

Certainly “methodology” or “program” will change to accommodate size, but neither are core values in establishing Biblical youth ministries. Solid “Ministry Models” are never based on personality or program…they are based on principle!

So the next time you think about your “Youth Ministry Model” why not think Super-Size? Begin by establishing solid core values based on Biblical principles not an evaluation of the size of the budget or facilities. Get creative with program! But remember, program is just a vehicle for accomplishing Biblical principles.

Regardless of the size of your church, give your students a Super-Sized ministry. You do this by beginning with principle rather than program. You do this by dreaming big dreams for your students and enlarging your vision for life-change.  You do this by having an intentional ministry model that is Super-Sized.

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