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Millennials have been the recipients of some harsh judgements and labels, some earned…some not. They are referred to as everything from entitled to self-centered. Others have branded them with terms like the “Me Generation,” “Trophy Kids” and “The Narcissism Epidemic.”

No generation can be singularly characterized by any one label or term. For example Millennials have morphed in many ways from the “Me” to the “We” generation. One trend where we see this demonstrated is in their personal fitness habits. They have embraced community and group events such as Tough Mudder over individual ones, giving up personal rights and privacy.

They are at a prime age to serve as student leaders in our churches. So here are three insights to help recruit Millennials onto your leadership team:

  1. Respect them as individuals. Don’t feel that you always have to change them. They are talented, creative and competent so allow them to serve in concert with their own personality.
  2. Acknowledge they are confident, sometimes overly so. Don’t be intimidated or frustrated but rather invest time developing and guiding them. They could potentially become your best leaders!
  3. Understand they are incredible team players when they have a cause. Take the time to share your heart and passion. As I shared in a previous post, don’t just tell them what but tell them why.

If you recruit properly among the Millennial generation, you might just find your leadership team with extra leaders who are competent, confident and committed.

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