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Both commitment and excitement are necessary for any new beginning. However, a “Point of Decision” must accompany every project, exercise routine, diet, business venture, spiritual discipline, or ministry. A time of distinguishing between those who are committed and those simply caught up in the excitement of something new.

We see Jesus delivering a “Point of Decision” discipleship message in Luke 14:25-35. The multitudes were excited about His miracles and the food but now He speaks of discipleship and three times ends with the challenge “…cannot be my disciple.” You get the idea He is separating the committed from the excited.

Four questions in this Luke passage help us with this “Point of Decision” for ourselves. These are not “one and done” type of questions: they are the kind we revisit on a consistent basis.

  1. The Question of our Love – Do we Love Him the most? v.26
  2. The Question of the Cross – Do we trust Him with our lives? vs. 27-28
  3. The Question of Discipline – Are we willing to pay the price of preparation in our personal lives? vs. 28-32
  4. The Question of Cost? – Are we willing to give Him everything? v. 33

One of the responsibilities of leadership is helping people through this process. This is a natural part of every young person’s journey. As I have stated in previous blogs where we are following the 2 Timothy 2:2 model, we will constantly be helping people move through discipleship, which includes decisions like this one.

Are you encouraging people at the “Point of Decision” in the area of commitment or simply fanning a flame of temporary excitement?

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