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Can you imagine people actually paying for the privilege to:

  • Stay up late or even all night?
  • Ride on old school buses?
  • Give up one of their week nights, week after week, for years?
  • Be called at all times of the day and night?
  • Sacrifice a night’s sleep for the weekend?
  • Be involved in the lives of students with no guarantee of success?

If you can then you know what it means to be a lay leader in student ministry. These are truly some of the Unsung Heroes in our churches today. I will have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with these special people for the next few weeks as I travel the east coast speaking.

I will watch leaders bring students to Word of Life’s Reverb Event and willingly stay up all night for the purpose of seeing them come to Christ. Many of the students are there because their lives have been changed by a committed lay leader who believed in them.

These leaders are faithful week after week to reach out to the students in their community. They give, pray, cry, talk, teach, invest and sacrifice because they care. I believe they are Unsung Heroes. They do not do it for praise or glory; they do it for Christ Jesus with the compelling knowledge that the souls of students hang critically in the balance.

The verse that comes to my mind is 1 Corinthians 4:2, moreover it is required in stewards that one is found faithful.

Yes. These leaders will:

  • Stay up for some all-night youth events.
  • Ride on old school buses.
  • Sacrifice a night’s sleep for the weekend.
  • Give up one of their week nights, week after week, to minister.
  • Be called at all times of the day and night when students have problems.

However, they view their involvement as an Investment not an Expense that will continue to result in eternal returns.

So…are you an Unsung Hero? If not, why not volunteer!

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