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“Good enough is the new perfection” captured my attention as I read the words on the sign. I found it to be extremely intriguing and simultaneously troubling. Was this meant as a joke or an excuse?

I admit to being a perfectionist–or  shall I say “given to excellence”–from time to time, so let me tread carefully. However, lowering the standard to “good enough” is just a bit disconcerting. I would not want the pilot flying my plane or the doctor doing my surgery to adopt that philosophy.

When I think of the phrase “The Good Enough Syndrome,” I think of other concepts like “just getting by,” “the bare minimum,” or “only what is required.” There comes a time in every project when we have to stop tweaking and perfecting; but “good enough” suggests something unacceptably premature.

The battle begins at the personal level as we make daily choices. It only follows that we would guard against allowing “The Good Enough Syndrome” from creeping into our ministries.

It requires vision, commitment and time. If we are to truly imprint lives for Christ then “good enough” will not be “good enough.” Just getting people to attend our church, listen, sing and like us on social media may be “good enough” but it is not enough.

So how do we overcome The Good Enough Syndrome in our lives and ministries?

1.      Make a commitment to excellence.

2.    Develop 2 Timothy 2:2 leaders who invest in others.

3.    Create a climate where maturing spiritually is the norm.

4.    Establish personal values and goals.

5.     Provide a personal growth strategy for people in our ministry.

We teach in everything we do! Establishing ministries of excellence is a testimony to our students, adults and community.

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