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For over four decades I have studied the DNA of leadership. Yes, I have read books and attended seminars but primarily I have just closely watched as leaders did life. These leaders were intergenerational, representing multiple leadership styles, personalities, experiences and language groups.

It is no coincidence they share some of the same “DNA” traits or that they are consistently the ones helping change the world with the Gospel! Of the many traits they share, I am highlighting three I find at the very core of each leader:

First, they share a Passion for the Word of God – faithfully teaching, preaching and creatively sharing it in a variety of contexts. These men and women are not ashamed of the truth and effectively use the Bible as their primary tool.

Secondly, they share a Commitment to reaching people both young and old through the vehicle of the local church. They do not believe the church is an “era gone by.” They view it as an instrument ordained by God for making a difference in their immediate communities as well as globally.

Thirdly, they all share the common trait of Character. Being men and women of integrity, their word is their bond. They persevere through difficulties and disappointments because they are solid at the core of their beliefs. They give more than they take, listen more than they talk, pray more than they preach, and live lives worthy of imitation.

Leaders who share this type of DNA are making a difference…changing their worlds. They are leaving a legacy for future generations. They are not superstars: just ordinary men and women who have surrendered to God.

I am humbled and motivated by them. What about you?

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  1. Really great post!!

  2. Mike, es un gran artículo y sobre todo un desafío a reproducir estas características para las siguientes generaciones y para la gloria de Dios. Thanks for share what you live.

    • Miguel, thanks for sharing and for your kind words. I am excited about the opportunities available to serve the Savior.

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