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So be honest: do you think Youth Pastors are Overrated? Do you think they get too much attention in churches today? When I mention Youth Pastors, do youth camp pranks, noisy kids in the sanctuary and the crazy colors they paint youth rooms come to mind?

Whatever your reaction may be, perhaps you just don’t get all the fuss over this guy.  After all, what does he really do? Is there a real need for this person? Couldn’t you spare the church budget if you did not have to pay him?

This brings me back to my original question, “Are Youth Pastors Overrated?” I have had the privilege of working with churches and Youth Pastors for over 40 years so I think I can answer this question with some authority.

Obviously over that time I have met some who were not committed or even competent.  However, I know people that fit that description in every profession on earth. Here is what I do know after working with hundreds of committed and competent Youth Pastors for these 40 years:

  • Youth Pastors love kids even when no other adult including a parent seems to care.
  • Youth Pastors are willing to sacrifice for students.
  • Youth Pastors listen. Yes really listen.
  • Youth Pastors willingly invest into the lives of students who grow up to repeat the process.
  • Youth Pastors teach students how to live life in the real world by living life with them not just telling them what to do.
  • Youth Pastors spend time with students because they want to, not because they have to or are being paid to – and students are perceptive enough to know it.
  • Youth Pastors are making an eternal difference by pointing students to Christ.
  • Youth Pastors save lives…yes literally. They save lives sometimes because they are the people who are called when kids are thinking of taking their lives.
  • Youth Pastors are the parents’ best ally, not their surrogate.
  • Youth Pastors drive deep Biblical truth home to the heart of a student using their knowledge of the culture.
  • Youth Pastors are “one more voice” speaking truth into the life of a student during a time when there are many voices giving students wrong information.

So…“Are Youth Pastors Overrated?”  — I think not!

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  1. The influence a great youth pastor can have is incredible and badly needed at this stage of a kids life. Really great post, keep’em coming.

    • John, I have just spent a couple of days with some of the most faithful, dedicated youth pastors in the nation. I was reminded of their passion for students and how hard much they give to “reproduce reproducers.” My post was timely and I hope churches take it to heart passing it on to every leader and member. Thank you for your encouragement. Mike

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