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Few things are more powerful than a generation of students awakened to prayer. History is replete with examples of young men and women in prayer groups under haystacks, and in churches or school rooms. Most were armed with nothing more than burdened hearts and a belief in God.

It is not pushing a point to draw lines of correlation from these prayer meetings to the major revivals1 of the day.

I also believe that Gen Z is the prime generation for the next great moving of God.

It is time for those of us who work with and minister to this generation to recognize their potential. It has been predicted that this generation will be the most un-churched, non-believing, (nons)2 generation of any generation in history. I reject that thinking! I believe we can change that premise completely.

Our investment in this generation is crucial. I believe investing in this generation will return incredible dividends. Instead of this becoming the largest percentage of “nons” as it relates to religious affiliation, we could awaken a generation to faith in Christ.

All the traits separating this generation from previous generations position them to be powerful change agents under the direction of Spirit of God. As outlined in my previous study “Five Reasons GenZ Could Ignite the Next Great Awakening,” this generation is uniquely gifted. Those gifts along with the empowering of the Spirit of God equip them to bring the next “great awakening.”

Based on the “Five Reasons” study, I have written a new study which can be downloaded for “FREE” when you “Subscribe Via Email” to my website (located in right sidebar). The new study is entitled, “When Student’s Pray: The Power of a Generation Awakened.” Below find a few of the action steps from that PDF.

  • Enlisting Gen Z
    • Connect “cause” with ministry outreach in school, community and missions.
    • Tap into their entrepreneurial spirit providing them opportunities to be creative and proactive.
    • Develop meaningful discipleship relationships.
  • Equipping Gen Z
    • Prayer tools
    • Bible study tools
  • Engaging Gen Z
    • Discipleship
    • Focus groups
    • Evangelism
    • Community
    • Media

These points are more fully developed plus I have listed websites, resources and organizations in the paper to provide additional help for you in developing student leaders.

This generation desires to make a difference. They want to bring about change. Let’s be proactive so we can help them bring about “eternal change!” I believe when students pray, God listens. I believe students can be a part of the next “great awakening”—I believe it—do you?


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