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There is a distinct advantage to possessing the higher ground in warfare. We see illustrations of this in history from the Romans to the Battle of Little Round Top. Most outnumbered armies who won glorious victories won them as a result of their strategic command of the higher ground.

In leadership, maintaining a higher ground mindset can mean success rather than failure. Sometimes when all looks lost, the right person dedicated to higher ground leadership can turn desperate things around. These leaders seem to know which decision to make or where to position the organization, business, or church at just the right time.

Leaders committed to higher ground leadership can face hardship or success, criticism or praise,while still maintaining their integrity.

Higher ground leaders share certain character qualities, which are easily observed in their lives. The following five questions are indicators of some of those qualities. I have written them so they can be asked and answered personally. For scriptural context for this post and these questions, please see Isaiah 33:15-16 . . .

  1. Does my walk match my talk? (v. 15a)
  2. Do I elevate myself at the expense of others? (v.15b)
  3. Are my principles negotiable? (v. 15c)
  4. Do I listen to rumors? (v. 15d)
  5. Am I committed to purity? (v. 15e)

These five questions represent qualities demanding we be men and women of character. To meet this challenge, we need to be leaders committed to higher ground mindsets.  Tell me how you are meeting the challenge.

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