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Leadership is influence; if you are not influencing, you are not leading. As you grow as a leader so should your influence. The growing process requires you to be constantly honing your leadership skills. Doing so will help you continue to make a difference in the lives of those with whom you are working.

Your goal is to influence those in your immediate circle and then to see the centrifugal force of the ever growing circle emerge. Influence crosses generational, global, and spatial barriers. Influence is not as much about “being in charge” as it is “being out front” leading the way. People of influence never have to declare their position; they are willingly sought after.

To help you continue growing as leaders of influence, here are 3 Opportunities to Multiply Your Influence as a Leader:

Learn to Leverage – Develop the skill of leveraging the strengths of your team. Everyone on the team brings something to the table. It is imperative for leaders to know each team member well enough to understand their strengths. When you as the leader can leverage those strengths, your team will be stronger and your projects will be more successful.

  1. Lead with Intentionality – Develop the skill of being intentional as a leader. This will require defining a personal and professional growth strategy for every person on your team. This does not mean you are in charge of their lives. Rather, this serves as a roadmap for what you’d like to accomplish as you influence them. Leading people by random, isolated life incidents rather than by intentionality will create frustration and hinder lasting influence.
  2. Look for Connections – Develop the skill of being a relational leader. You can multiply your influence by partnering with someone going in the same direction you are going. Do not be guilty of having tunnel vision, living in a silo or believing you are the only one who can do what you are doing.

Henry Ford said, “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”  To influence is to help bring out the best in people. How are you multiplying your influence?

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  1. Excellent article! This might be my ATF post of 2017. But keep writing as I’d love to be wrong.

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