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I was not supposed to be out of my cabin. My heart was troubled, so I quietly left my bunk and walked back to the campfire site. Earlier that day, I was challenged to commit my life to service for Christ. Standing there alone—gazing at the stars—I did it. I just said:

“God, if you would let me spend the rest of my life doing for other potential young leaders what the people in my church have done for me, I will be happy!”

There was no fanfare, no one there to mark the occasion or register the decision—it was just God and me. Then I walked back to my cabin, crawled into my bunk, and pondered what this might mean.

For the last forty-six years, God has allowed me to live my dream. Forty-three of those years were with the ministry of Word of Life Fellowship. In this ministry, I worked with young leaders globally in camps, local churches, Bible Institutes, colleges, student evangelistic events, seminaries, and discipleship groups.

Now I am entering a new phase of my life and ministry, but my vision and passion for developing potential leaders has not changed. I am the Pastor of Ministry Training at The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, where I help identify and train young leaders. Our goal is to plant 1,000 churches globally to reach the world with the Gospel. I also serve as the President of 3rd Cord Ministries Inc., which is committed to cultivating generations of influence.

Little did I know when I snuck out of my bunk and asked God to let me continue the work my home church had fostered in my life that I would be able to help reach the world!