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Refreshing Your Soul Intentionally: Personal Spiritual Retreats

Daily time with God in His Word is imperative, but we need more. By more, I am suggesting blocks of time designed to recharge our spiritual batteries. What we need is to plan special “oases times” for our souls: I call these Personal Spiritual Retreats. This is not mysterious or something reserved for a select few. It is for every believer. It is for you.

Getting from Desire to Discipline: Personal Growth Plan

“You and I will either live by design or default.” This personal growth plan will assist you in taking the Desires of who you want to become to the point of Decision and Discipline. I am offering a simple plan that will make a difference. What you will find is a template that will work…if you work it.

When Students Pray: The Power of a Generation Awakened

Few things are more powerful than a generation of students awakened to prayer. History is replete with examples of students in prayer groups under haystacks, in churches and school rooms. Most were armed with nothing more than burdened hearts and a belief in God. You can trace the exceptional movements of God back to a student prayer initiative and Gen Z is the prime generation for the next great moving of God.

Five Reasons GenZ Could Ignite the Next Great Awakening.

When students look at the world they see no barriers, only the horizon. They are poised with every tool globally, secularly, digitally, and ministerially to reach the world for Christ. In this session, we will look at five reasons I believe GenZ could be the generation to ignite the next Great Awakening.

DYM_100 Beyond the Status Quo: Defining Student Leadership

(Chapter taken from: The Greenhouse Project: Cultivating Students of Influence)

There is no such thing as three easy steps to a life worthy of imitation. However, Beyond the Status Quo: Defining Student Leadership suggests the use of Enlist, Equip, and Engage as the components for developing a life of influence. Intentional ministry focused on life-change is at the heart of this equation, not life management.

DYM_100 Multiplication Is Better Than Addition: Discipleship

(Chapter taken from: Showing Others the Way: The Adventure Shared)

One of the challenges we have in our churches today is we are better at making church members than disciples. We seem to have mastered growth by addition. However, the Bible is clear about the necessity for multiplication of life on life (see 2 Timothy 2:2). Making a commitment to make disciples will change your church.