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The Where Was God When…? Series seeks to provide real answers to tough questions. God often answers “why” questions with “WHO” answers. This generation is asking the tough questions with more urgency than any generation before it. Where Was God When…? answers these questions the same way God does in Scripture – by focusing on the character and nature of God Himself.

Recorded “live” at Word of Life Snow Camp, this 8-week series is a study on the attributes (characteristics) of God and how the truth of God’s character affects how we deal with tragedy, crisis and pain. The 8 lessons ask eight questions and answer those questions with eight attributes.

  INTRODUCTION (4:26 MINS) – Mike Calhoun & Ric Garland

VideoIcon   IMMUTABILITY   (28 MINS) – Ric Garland

VideoIcon    FAITHFULNESS   (35 MINS) – Mike Calhoun

VideoIcon   SOVEREIGNTY  (37 MINS) – Ric Garland

VideoIcon   LOVE   (33 MINS) – Mike Calhoun

VideoIcon   WISDOM   (33 MINS) – Mike Calhoun

VideoIcon   OMNIPRESENCE   (35 MINS) – Ric Garland

VideoIcon   MERCY/JUSTICE   (38 MINS) – Ric Garland